In 2007, with an accomplished background that includes experiences, among others, at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, Pierre-François decided to set himself up as an independent art dealer, specializing in post-war artists. He developed an expertise in buying out artists’ studios which came about when Michel Thompson, a prominent artist of the gallery, offered that he buy the pieces in his studio.

Michel Thompson was, and to this day is, a well-known post-war artist, thus by placing his trust in Pierre-François, by domino effect, a number of his peers followed in tow.

galerie pfgarcier

Expanding on the expertise of studio buyout:

This involves selecting & buying the best pieces of the artist: the very act of buying the pieces sets apart the art dealer and the gallerist, i.e. a gallerist represents an artist and displays a number of artworks for a given amount of time and gauges response and market value. Conversely, an art dealer goes out on a limb, taking a risk by purchasing the artwork and reselling it.

Galerie offers a qualitative set-up with in an upstairs venue, for a more private & personalized experience where choice pieces of each artist are hung up and taken down regularly to exhibit both old and new acquisitions, for a specific client or occasion.

In addition, the gallery showcases the work and life of these artists by offering books on each one, some of which have been edited in collaboration with the GPFG.

Particularity of the gallery : rather than speculating on the future of an up-and-coming artist like many of his peers, Pierre-François is devoted to turning the spotlight back on successful artists of a past era, and nurtures fond relationships with his artists or their families which has earned him privileged stories on their life and work.